Travel to Armenia, a unique experience of tour to Caucasus

The trip to Armenia can be described as immersion in the past of this small nation, in which often occurred the sad moments, admiring the stunning scenery, which open during the descent from the majestic mountains of the Caucasus and the beautiful Lake Sevan, which is virtually untouched natural oasis. It is also a mystical appearance of the mythological Mount Ararat – the sacramental mountain of the Armenians related to the biblical story of Noah’s ark.

Armenia, praised by Mandelstam as a country of screaming stones, for centuries was located on the Silk Road, and even 3000 years ago was named by the Greeks the country of rivers and majestic mountains. Armenian land dotted with ancient monasteries everywhere, with green valleys, caves and canyons. Here, everywhere you can admire the khachkars – the crosses carved in stone, that are an evidence of the deep religious faith of the Armenians.

Defeated by troops of Tamerlane, Armenia was among the first countries officially adopted Christianity.

But above all, it is the voyage and acquaintance with the people, hospitable and proud of their traditions, swept through the centuries its cultural heritage, preserved to this day in the priceless manuscripts of Matenadaran in Yerevan.

This country is like an open air museum, where are approximately 4,000 monuments and places of worship scattered throughout it , as a treasure chest, faceted by amazing colors of nature.

Only in Yerevan, which is among the oldest settlements, there are more than 40 museums and galleries. On the way to the monastery Sevanank of ninth century, you can contemplate the spectacular mountain peaks, reflecting in the lake. The fortress Garni is the only survived monument of the Hellenistic architecture of the Caucasus, it is a symbol of the power of Mithras, the sun god.

Sevan, which is named the Armenian sea, situated at a sublimity of 1900 meters and is amongst the largest and most amazing mountain lakes in the world. Here is a wonderful enveloping air, the soft sun and plenty of trails for hiking, biking, rafting or skiing.

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Christian sanctuaries seems to be hiding among everywhere, the green valleys and dense forests, and some of them between steep cliffs that are difficult to achieve for visitors.

The Monastery of Khor Virap, constructed in the 7th century, is disposed in the Ararat valley and is the most significant place for the Armenian people, as it is connected with the name of Gregory the Illuminator.

Sacred place Noravank of XIII century, placed in 120 kilometers from the capital, erected in a rather inaccessible spot and the convent is encircled by a captivating landscape.