About Bakuriani

Eco-tourism and health-improving tourism in Bakuriani.

One of the famous winter resort of Georgia is Bakuriani. In winter time snow cover is during a few months, from December to early March.

And the story of Bakuriani starts from Borjomi history. In the XIX century, Borjomi mineral water, thanks to its curative properties became the focus of attention. Since 1890 began production of bottling of Borjomi water. And in the 1898-1901 was carried out narrow-gauge railway of Borjomi – Bakuriani in order to transport travelers between the two resorts, passing through the picturesque gorge.
In those years, the railway line was a significant technical creation, especially with regard to the conditions and complexity of build up gap. The route runs along the mountain complex relief, with track width of 900 mm and a length of 38 km.

In this section regularly performed the passenger transportation. After the holiday season, this line is used regularly by locals. The trip takes 2.5 hours due to difficult terrain.
This trip leaves a memorable experience. In February, from Borjomi, where the sun is shining and the temperature is 10 degrees, just in 2 hours you will be in the Arctic winter of snowy Bakuriani.

Bakuriani is located at the basis of so-called Bakuriani gorge at the foot of the volcano Mukheri. Neighborhood area bordered by pine forests. In the 1902-1910, on the hillside Kokhta was built Alpine Botanical Garden.

Leaders of Botanical Garden were welcoming ski beginners come here and contributed to their development. At that time, there was a skiing boom in Europe and also in Georgia arrived the first skiers. 1935 was marked as the birth year of Bakuriani, as a center of winter sports.

January 6 of 1935 was inaugurated the grand opening of the ski school and the center of physical education. And Bakuriani was called the capital of the Soviet skiing.

In 1950 was built first 45 and then 75-meter springboard. Here was implemented the first in the Soviet Union towing road. Difficult to believe, but until 1954 skiers climbed to the vertex of Mount Kokhta by foots and trampled underfoot track.

There also has been deduced the Georgian breed of white fox which still inhabit in the forests of Bakuriani.

The areas has still excellent conditions for skiing. Here are up to 16 trails of varying difficulty.

In good sky, from the top of Mount Kokhta visible the entire Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the Caspian.

In 2008, was opened a ski trail Didveli with two cable cars. From the top of Didveli visible peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

Known as the 25-meter, easy trails are near the old ski jumps. In the center of Bakuriani there is a park on a steep slope with two runs.

Apart of skiing and sledding, you can also riding horse and snowmobile.

In the park in 2011 was opened Joy land offering a lot of pleasant entertainments. On the slopes you can ride a colorful inflatable sledge – tubes that gives delight to people of any ages.

Travel and holiday in Bakuriani possible, useful and interesting all year round.

Wooded mountains, mineral springs, natural or cultural monuments, the unique nature of Borjomi valley or interesting tourist routes – the guarantee of health and good mood for everyone!