Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

This beauteous edge of Georgia is situated in the west of the country. From Colchis Lowland, the area of Black Sea summer resorts, and up to the highest peak in Svaneti – Ushba is just 80 kilometers. And up to the highest inhabited point in Europe – known village Ushguli – only 120 kilometers.

In written sources of the legend of the Argonauts are saved the precious materials about the West – Georgian tribes of Ayia or Colchis, their majesty and splendor. Set out in the information on the ethno genesis of the ancient – Georgian tribes, their distribution on the territory, the conditions of life and others.

In the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes (III century BC) confirmed the different geographical locations of Colchis.

Here in the Dadiani Palace placed mantle of the Virgin.

Information about the museum exhibits and protected holy relics of Zugdidi is in abundance among the foreign works.

Zugdidi is the zonal centre of Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti. Dadian were feudal princes of Georgia.

In Dadianu principality was established the cultural environment, where worked many well-known Georgian and European artists. In the Palace kept numerous documents of communication with European culture – a unique literature of various genres in French, English and Italian, scores, paintings by famous artists, furniture, ceramics and other artifacts.

Contrasting landscapes of Emerald colored Valley of Colchis and evergreen mountains of Samegrelo, leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.

The ancient historian and geographer Strabo confirmed the subsistence of the highly importance seaport of Pazisi around Poti, lying on the route of the Silk Road.

The region features hundreds of architectural monuments, religious buildings, churches.

Among the oldest monasteries worth noting Martvili – Chkondidi Monastery of X century. According Kartlis Tskhovreba, Bagrat IV was buried here.

Throughout the existence of Georgia, as well as today, the region has played a significant role in the political and economic life.

In Martvili and micro zone of Salkhino -Targamouli and Bandza grows the Aboriginal Ojaleshi unique red grapes from which is produced the natural sweet and dry wine Ojaleshi.

In the XIX century the son-in-law of Megrelian prince, Frenchman Murat sent to an international festival of wine in Paris, produced in the village Salkhino wine Ojaleshi, where it was awarded the highest prize of the Grand Prix.

City Nokalatevi – Tsihegodzhi- Arheopolis located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River and is one of the most important monuments of the Middle Ages.

It washed by the river from three sides. On its territory there are palaces, Christian monuments and numerous buildings and fortifications.

Near Nokalakevi is an Archaeological Museum.

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