City of Mingechevir in the trip to the Caucasus

Mingachevir, known as the town of lights due to the fact of disposition here of hydroelectric station constructed here, is the 4th largest city of Azerbaijan. The populace is about 150 thousand people. The Kura River crosses it and divides into two parts.

This zone was inhabited from immemorial times, but today’s city foundations were laid only in 1948, thanks partially to the German soldiers captured during World War II and settled here.

Despite of its youth, the territory where is today Mingachevir, were anciently inhabited. Here were found the bones of southern elephant of 600-400 thousand years BC, kept in the Museum of History of Mingachevir.

During the archaeological excavations undertaken here from 1946 to 1953 years, a group of archaeologists found more than 20,000 monuments – tombs and burial mounds, tools and various items related to everyday life, jewelry, etc., which in chronological order were displayed the history of evolution of the area.

The most ancient written sources of the Caucasian Albania said that Mingachevir was inhabited more than 5000 years ago. Thus, exist many historical facts and evidence of this. For example, the brutal battle took place betwixt the strongest army of the Roman general Pompey and Albanian troops on the very spot where the dam is located today. And it happened in the first century BC.

According to the descriptions of the Turkish voyager Evliya Çelebi, who lived in the 17th century, there were several mosques, workshops for the production of fiber and silk fabrics, baths and much more. Interesting fact that the road passes through the town, called messenger road, where passed the numerous caravans of camels laden with goods and following to the Middle East.

A lot of people have flocked to Mingachevir from all regions of Azerbaijan on the creation of hydropower plants, including about 10,000 German prisoners who contributed in this great construction by the end of the 1940s.

Today Mingechevir, became a town from 1948 covers an area of 139.53 km ² and is situated at 55 meters, at the foot of the mountain chain of Bozdag.

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Development of Mingechevir occurred rapidly over several decades since its inception and today its economic potential and population, is the most significant for the state in terms of both energy and industry, and science, education and culture.

There is a very interesting Historical Museum, created in 1968, where presented 14.461 exhibits and gallery that provides 310 masterpieces of art.

Residents and visitors can relax in the numerous parks, amongst which the most famous are the Sahil and Friendship Parks.