A trip to Baku, the routes of knowing Caucasus

From an aerial view Baku shines as pure diamond, and is seen as a point of light, there, in the midst of East and West, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. If you plan to visit this exceptionally beautiful capital, with the ability to attract like a magnet and able to attract again and again with its history and energy of today, you really made the right choice. Known also as the city winds, Baku is a mixture of different cultures, united for centuries, and harmonious architecture, despite of the different imprint of Turkish, Byzantine, European, Arab and Russian styles.

Landscaped roads, swamping luxury cars, elegant street on the sides framed by milky buildings, reminiscent of Parisian neighborhoods harmonically mixed with massive architecture of the Soviet period. Here on the main streets, you can discover the boutiques of the famous designers of world renown and enjoy the lively nightlife.

In the narrow streets, the network of which runs across the heart of the old town is the heady scent of spices, herbs and freshly baked bread, interspersed with a pleasant smell of carpets woven in small shops. There is a small market where you can purchase souvenirs and copper products.

Strolling through the old town, possessed a feeling that you are doing the steps in the past of Azerbaijan. Here are the main historical monuments of the city like the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, and Maiden’s Tower.

Magic City, alluring with its originality – an integral part of the journey to the Caucasus!

The design of the futuristic architecture of the city is really amazing.

Indeed, the impression of contrasts, from the combination of porous stone walls of the old town with the new mirror surfaces of skyscrapers, just incredible. Three towers of fire lit by thousands of LEDs that create a play of light, color and special effects.

Here, during the day you can stroll around the elegant, well-kept to perfection gardens, and then in the center to visit the food markets where you can acquire the variety of fruits and fresh vegetables, and in the restaurant try the famous risotto with chicken.

Lovers of art and design, will be able to visit the Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev, a futuristic museum with interactive collection of vintage costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, carpets, and other dedicated to the history of Azerbaijan.

The city also has many beautiful places, restaurants where you can dine superbly, while enjoying spectacular views of the city.

The menu offers the best of the traditional Azerbaijani cuisine, rich in meat of chicken, lamb, beef and vegetable dishes, local cheeses and sweets of almond paste and spices.

Great food, music and a relaxing atmosphere for a long time leave the wonderful memories of traveling to Baku.