Journey to the Ganja-Gazakh region of Azerbaijan

The western part of Azerbaijan includes Ganja-Gazakh economic region, which includes several administrative units and the city of Ganja and Naftalan. The area occupied by the region is 12.5 thousand km, which is 14.4% of the country’s territory. Because of the peculiarities of the relief, area is divided into four zones, such as sloping plains, foothills, hill at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 meters, and a higher area with elevations over 2,000 meters. Climatic conditions vary with changes in functional areas.

Natural strategic location from economic and geographical point of view, played an essential role in shaping the structure of the population here, which is 13.6% of the total populace.

Ganja-Gazakh region at the forefront of the economic system of the state, giving 12-13% of the gross product of the country. Local industry consists of mining and processing areas, in particular, there are the production enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their initial processing in Ganja and Dashkesan.

Within the area are the most important railway and automobile ways connecting Azerbaijan with Georgia, as well as major transportation hubs with the other neighboring countries.

In Ganja are concentrated structures of the republican values ​​of health, scientific and cultural and educational activities, there are also Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences and research facilities, Technological and Pedagogical Universities, libraries, museums, theaters and much more, which contributes to the functioning of a good standard of living.

The region has always been known as by its rich history, a variety of crafts, ancient traditions and architectural monuments.
The area is characterized by a variety of plants, animals, and, as already noted, the natural resources. Local mountain lakes are considered the most beautiful of all the regions of Azerbaijan.

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Here, in the midst of nature you can see the dense forests, snow-capped peaks, roaring waterfalls and healing mineral springs, mountain air, crystal clear waters and colorful alpine meadows give the excellent relax while traveling to Azerbaijan.

This diversity of flora and fauna, forests, as well as many interesting attractions each year attracts nature lovers and travelers in these popular destinations.

Among the incredibly beautiful places in the region should be noted caves of Mount Avey dag, namely Golden Rock, shining with golden in the sun, and on top of it stands a fortress Kergoli of sixteenth century.

In the midst of the beautiful scenery are the quiet villages welcoming any guests. There, in the forests full of game and fishing lakes in certain periods is an excellent opportunity for hunting and fishing.