By its territorial dimensions Guria is the smallest of the 11 regions of the country. Located in western Georgia, in Colchis lowland, surrounded by mountains, has 22 km of coastline.

Guria is distinguished by its exotic beauty and mostly mountain scenery. Its geographical location is unusual because of the presence and the mountains and the sea.

Region is rich of historical past, polyphonic singing, cultural patrimony and traditions, and multiplicity of waters.

Here are ancient churches and monuments, making it an attractive destination for tourists.

In historical sources mentioned in the VIII century, when the Arabs invaded Georgia and cruel conqueror Murvan -ibn Muhammad before the decisive battle camped in Guria. According to the fact that he did not heed the pleas for mercy people called him Murvan – deaf, and to this day in Guria inattentive man called Murvan.

The main wealth of Guria are waters. Springs flowing and streaming rivers restless main characteristic of this region, but it is worth noting also mineral water Nabeglavi that by chemical composition is similar to Borjomi.

Region due to its geographical position differs by unusual subtropical climate. Climatic features with distinctive therapeutic conditions due to a mixture of mountain and sea air.

From Ozurgeti to Tbilisi International Airport is 350 km. The second international airport is n Batumi, 60 kilometers far. In Batumi also functions seaport. In Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti, there are railway and bus stations.

Guria region includes Lanchhuty and Chokhatauri Municipalities.

On the north side is bordered by Zemo Svaneti, which is separated by the river Pichori.

Population is about 140 thousand people and 96% of the populace are ethnic Georgians.

The administrative center is Ozurgeti. There are 193 settlements, including:

City 2 – Lanchkhuti and Ozurgeti; and villages – 186.

Gomismta mountain resort is in Ozurgeti Municipality, on Meskheti ridge, in valley Bzhuzhi, at an elevation of 2100-2755 meters. Prominent as a summer spa. It is surrounded by pine forests and springs. Nearby is also a lake, placed at an altitude of 2500 meters.

Famous resort is Bakhmaro in Chokhatauri, located on Meskheti ridge at an height of 2050 meters. Resort Bakhmaro in 1923 was declared one of the highest settlements in Europe. Snow cover is from 5 to 7 meters, so the cottages are on high stilts to better withstand heavy snow.

Gurian Bahmaro is considered to be a miracle!