Travel to Azerbaijan, the Caucasus tour

Azerbaijan is disposed in the South Caucasus, with its location betwixt Europe and Asia, mostly considered as an Asian country. This charming land full of historical monuments, in fact, now is a young one in terms of independence in shaping its own identity, which was covert during the period of Soviet domination.

To visit Azerbaijan one have to concentrate on creativity and see that abundance of beautiful, that the country has to offer. It is predominantly rural country where the major city is the metropolis of Baku adjacent to the Caspian Sea and surrounded by semi-desert area, where only the excess of oil.

Azerbaijani capital with a populace of about 2 million inhabitants can be parted into three regions, of which the historical part of the old town, part of the Soviet era and modern Baku.

In the old town among the attractions you can visit the Maiden’s Tower, Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, and more.

Next of Baku in its scale is Ganja, where tourists can visit the caravanserai of Shah, Juma Mosque, Armenian Church and the Russian Orthodox temple. Here in the Seljuk period, had a home the famous poet of Azerbaijan Nizami Ganjavi, where he created many of his important works in Persian.

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Gobustan, placed 64 km distant from Baku is the most important historical sites. Here are the ancient caves, mud volcanoes and cliffs of methane gas. The area is a National Park and is under the government protection. The oldest cave paintings represent a unique value and are included in the World Heritage List. In Gobustan there are petro glyphs and prehistoric paintings of hunting, lifestyle, animals and vegetation.

Hidden among the green hills covered with beautiful forests, the city of Sheki is a picturesque settlement of Azerbaijan. With the affluence of history and interesting attractions, it is amongst the few places that can provide an organized style of tourism. Area attractions include the impressive perimeter walls of the fortress built by Haji Celebi surrounding Khans Palace, two-storey building, completed in 1762. The palace is encircled by a garden of roses with two huge plane trees of 500 years old.

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