Tours in Georgia

Georgia in its ancient past represented a crossroad between East and West: this is clearly seen in the architecture and traditions of its people.

Georgia offers many beautiful places, monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as a region of Upper Svaneti, Gelati Monastery and Bagrat Cathedral, city-museum Mtskheta. In the tours of Georgia Tbilisi takes a significant part, which was built on the banks of river Mtkvari, with its attractive ancient center with narrow and winding streets, where you can admire religious buildings of different faiths, and sulfur baths of Orbeliani and an ancient fortress of Narikala.

Tours in Georgia attractive for its diversity, is the right destination of nature lovers for both mountains and sea, in the summer or winter resorts as Gudauri and Bakuriani.

Georgia – is a journey to the land of contrasts, where traditions have remained unchanged over time.
Old world charm of Georgia gives a special charm to the journey. Discovering of the natural beauty of a country that has so much to offer: green hills, adorned with antique single churches and cave cities, where the monks live, and where it seems time has stopped.

Ancient Georgian traditions accompany you also in the capital Tbilisi, the charming town of Caucasus, elegant and decadent, located in the hills, and in a city like Mtskheta, is a true spiritual heart of the country.
During the tour you discover the charm of the ancient Georgian places like Gori, Stalin’s birthplace, or religious complex Vardzia, carved into the rock and the city of Telavi, the main center of the eastern region of Kakheti.

Georgia is a destination of the travel for all those who love to discover the world and culture of the people with ancient roots. As a historical and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe since ancient times, here come to life characters from Greek mythology, who arrived here in the possession of the king Arête, of today’s Kutaisi, in search of the famous Golden Fleece.

The peculiarity ofthe reliefdiversitysignificantlydetermined byclimate.Given the small sizeof the country, the climate of Georgiadiverse and coversareas rangingfrom regionswithhumid subtropical climate, characterized by high humidity andhigh rainfall, and up tothe snowyheights ofthe glaciers.There are twomain climatic zonesin Georgia, in the East and West.

Greater Caucasus mountains really have a great importance in shaping the climate of Georgia, as defending the country from the penetration of cold air masses from the north.
The coldest period in Georgia in January, and the hottest in July and August.

Georgia is particularly rich in mineral and thermal waters, there are more than 2,000 sources.
Flora and fauna of Georgia, is a paradise for nature lovers and botanists, characterized by great biological diversity.

According to the expert Wildlife Fund WWF, no country is so rich in flora and fauna as Georgia, given its tiny territory, with an impressive variety of landscapes, and finally impossible to find any country in Europe, which would retain its natural landscape in this original form.