City of Shirvan, a trip to Azerbaijan

Shirvan is disposed in the same named region and from the old times took a substantial role in the history of the country, but the most development the modern city got from 1954, with the revelation of oil fields in Kurovdag. It placed in the eastern lowlands of the Kura River and from northeast surrounded by a mountain range of Mishovdag of volcanic origin. The natural flora and fauna in the city are not very abundant, although a lot of green space have been made by the people themselves. The clime here is fairly mild.

Today’s city was built on the very spot where in the past passed the caravan routes. These places are also known that in different periods were dominated by the Shirvan Shahs. Archaeological excavations have found the remains of a settlement of the fourteenth centenary, a quarter of artisans where perfectly preserved clay ovens, household items and decorations.

Shirvan of nowadays is amongst the important cities of Azerbaijan, with a highly developed infrastructure. There are schools, colleges, hospitals, sports centers, museums, popular theater, cinemas and much more. This is a rich area with oil and gas deposits and clay. The city’s population, mostly employed in the industrial sector, but also local residents raise livestock and sheep. Near the town are places where it is permitted to hunt and fish.

Among the ancient crafts still practiced carpet weaving, engraving on stone and pottery.

Unforgettable excursion to the mounts and lowlands of Shirvan will leave indelible memories in the journey to the Caucasus!

In general, Shirvan region has enormous historical importance for Azerbaijan, where was placed one of the known realms of Azerbaijan under the rule of Shirvanshahs with the capital in Shamakhi, which declared themselves independent in the middle of the 9th century. Their domination continued until the 16th centenary and played a considerable role in the medieval past of the country.

As noted Shirvan is very famous for its carpet weaving and original carpets made here are in high demand on the Eastern markets and in Europe. Shirvan carpets are characterized by an abundance of decorative elements, forming individual color areas and producing a mosaic effect. The characteristic motifs are leaves decorations, ornaments resembling the letters S, triangular ornaments and more.

Samples of Shirvan carpets are always very soft to the touch and are made of different sizes, but the most common are the medium or small sizes or elongated forms.

Land of Shirvan also generously endowed with the prerequisites for tourism and recreation of different types, like mining and water treatment in any season of the year. Also, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, climbing to the frozen waterfalls.