Travel in Guba-Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan, a trip to the Caucasus

Guba-Khachmaz region with a total area of 7.66 thousand square kilometers, which is approximately 8% of the country. It includes administrative centers such as the Devechi, Khachmaz, Guba, Gusar. The region is characterized by specific features of the terrain, according to which it is dividual into four zones in height from 26 to 4,466 meters, which are clearly different from each other. These are lowland foothills, mountains of average height and high mountain areas. Accordingly, the climate is defers by zones.

In general, the population is about 453 thousand people.

In the existence of rich inborn resources of the Guba-Khachmaz region is an active resort area. On the basis of the mineral springs are functioning successfully holiday homes and resorts.

The region has a strategic position to transport and geographical perspective. Through it pass the railways and highways, oil, gas and water lines, as well as communication links connecting Azerbaijan with Russia.

Guba-Khachmaz is disposed on the site of the historic Guba Khanate.

The increasing popularity of the region is also bound with an abundance of vegetation and cultivated crops, a variety of vegetables and fruits that grow here throughout the summer and early fall. There are also growing herbaceous plants such as the wild raspberry, hawthorn, juniper, celandine, plantain and more, widely used for medical purposes. The region has its own methods of cultivation of fruit, in which the special varieties of apples withdrawn.

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Traditional industries, with a broad distribution in the region is the production of carpets. There are many famous and beautiful contexture of Guba carpets. Here also produced fleecy carpets are extensively required in the global market.

Also common professions such as carving and ceramics production.

The region is also rich with its traditional cuisine, where there are both fresh fish, in which is rich the region and meat and vegetable courses. One of the most popular dish is Halimashi, which is made from wheat flour and meat and served with butter.

The character and traditions of the region in some places characterized by the presence of different ethnic groups that bring their nuances and flavor. But in general, the customs and traditions of these people over the centuries became similar. Very interesting and colorful is the wedding ceremony and rituals, which is done in compliance with all the ancient traditions associated with this festival.

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