A trip to the southern region of Azerbaijan, Lenkoran District

Lеnkоran district is a part of the southern region of Azerbaijan, combining administrative units of Astara, Jalilabad, Lerik Masalli, Yardimli and Lenkoran, bordered on the east by the Caspian Sea, and also with Iran. It occupies the area of 8,6 thousand square km, accounting of 7% of the total superficies of the country.

The lie of the ground is characterized by its features and covers the Lankaran valley and Talish mounts. The area abundantly covered by forests and here are registered 13 climatic zones.

Natural climatic conditions have made an important contribution to the active settlement of the area and the population here is about 753 thousand people.

In some places, disposed in the lowlands, as Masalli, Lankorane, Astara people specializes in vegetable and cultivation of melons and tea culture. Well developed also viticulture in Jalilabad region. But more common are grain growing, cattle breeding and cultivation of tobacco. The region is also famous for its fruit and citrus orchards.

A substantial role in the enhancement of the region play transportation routes used for freight and passenger traffic.

Nature has generously endowed the region with numerous advantages as beautiful landscape, hot and cold mineral waters, which contributes to the development of resorts and tourism in general. Currently operating in Lankaran tourist base, close to the healing springs.

The favorable geographical location from the ancient times attracted people for different purposes. The breathtaking beauty of nature, unique flora, habitats of rare birds and animals attract nature lovers. The region is also known as the land of longevity, is renowned for generous and hospitable people with rich cultural and historical traditions and unique cuisine that they are able to offer to tourists and any guests.

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Another feature of Lankaran region is that it is the only place in the country where they grow different types of rice since ancient times. In accordance with this characteristic are different rice dishes and fish of high rank, various types of risotto with vegetables and meat or chicken.

As in other regions, there are very honored ancient traditions and the most colorful and interesting of these are the wedding ceremonies that have their own specific rules for all participants of the ceremony. So, for example, the future spouses wedding rings placed in the mouth of a fish, which means the wish of abundance, a successful family life and durability.

In the previous day before the wedding ceremony called Hirdaboy, in which the groom’s family brings the bride gifts, decorations and various jewelry, which are assembled in a vase filled with water. According to legend, any girl who would drink the water from the vessel will soon be married.