A trip to Abovyan in the tour to the Caucasus

This is a town in Kotayk region of Armenia , disposed 32 km away from the capital and according recent data there are approximately 46 thousand inhabitants.

Through the city passes a railway line connecting the north-eastern part of Armenia, in connection with this fact it is called a satellite of Yerevan.
Implemented here excavations and found materials confirm that the area was inhabited from approximately the 4th century BC. They also found ruins, cemeteries and ancient dwellings, along with other household items, belonging to the Bronze Age.

Until the sixties of the Soviet period it was a small village with the old name Elar, although it was the largest village in the area. Soon, in the same period it was renamed to Abovyan. And after a while in this place was founded the current city.
Construction and expansion of the modern city has been deployed on the plateau between the Hrazdan and river Azat and soon it was already a booming industrial center.

Here, on a hill near the area preserved medieval church of St. Stephanos.

The vast majority of the population, namely 90% are ethnic Armenians, mainly Diasporas returned from Syria, Iran and Lebanon in the 60s of the last century.

Abovyan is placed in a picturesque location, surrounded by mountains and gorges. The climate is dry and continental with warm summers and relatively cold winters.
Natural beauty, clean air and historical monuments make the city an attractive place for tourism and recreation. A resort destination Arzni is located just 6 kilometers from Abovyan.

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Abovyan till today remains a city with a well-developed industrial sector. There are several large companies producing construction materials, as well as one of the leading brewing company.

In Abovyan there are ten secondary public schools, University of Levon Orbeli, as well as a number of research institutions, the Republican Hospital and the Institute for Tuberculosis Research.
In the city there developed centers of the Armenian culture, the Palace of Culture of Abovyan, creative and community center for the children.

Church of St. Stephanos, located in a place Elar, south of Abovyan, was opened in 1851, but during the Soviet period it was closed and again became operational in 2010 after a complete restoration.

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