Tours to Armenia, region of Vayots Dzor

Vayotsdzor is a province or as called here – marz of Armenia, disposed in the south-east and covers an area of 2308 square kilometers. The region’s population is about 53 thousand people, and according to these is the most sparsely populated province. Center of the region is the city of Yeghegnadzor.

When conducted in the territory Vayotsdzor archaeological excavations have been found objects belonging to the times of primitive man, also a variety of things such as bracelets and rings made of bronze. All these findings bring to the conclusion that the area had been inhabited since prehistoric times. Were also found inscriptions carved on rocks and in a cave archaeologists have found leather shoes, which have been made approximately 5,000 years ago and is the oldest model of the shoe ever found in the world. This unique discovery is stored in the Historical Museum of Armenia.

The first mention of Vayotsdzor we meet by Khorenatsi and around the 8th century BC, current area Vayots Dzor made a part of the kingdom of Urartu.

Here you can admire numerous churches, monasteries, bridges, on which caravans passed through the centuries, and that today are the silent witnesses of the rich history.

The area is rich in historical and architectural monuments, which attract many tourists and pilgrims, such as for example, Noravank monastery, fortress Smbataberd or convent Tsakhatskar. In order not to miss the unique significant sites, it is always better to apply for the organization of the tour with an experienced tour operator.

Traveling to the Caucasus, feel the trends of history in every corner of the old country!

During the Soviet era was very famous resort town of Jermuk, where came for holidays as the dignitaries and government officials, and people from different backgrounds.

Beautiful natural scenery you can admire in the vast places, many springs, rivers, crossing valleys, creates a special flavor of the environment. So Arpa river flowing at 92 km here, is an important pool for the area. Many other rivers and tributaries that form waterfalls; rivers are fast and are important for energy supply. An underground tunnel Arpa – Sevan, originating from the pool Kechut used for transporting of water.

Located here Noravank Monastery, just 122 km from Yerevan, is a magnificent sight, towering in the natural environment, at the end of a narrow gorge Amaghu.

The oldest building dated back to the IX – X centuries, but, unfortunately, not been preserved. The main church of St. Karapet was built in 1227. There are several tombs of the memvers of royal family and of the princely family Orbelian.

And in the main temple on the tomb of Prince Smbat Orbelian carved in stone image of half man and half lion.

Church, carved stone crosses, a magnificent landscape of mountains surrounding the monastery – everything here has a special charm.