About Adjara

Beautiful and oldest region of the country on the shore of the Black Sea is Adjara with administrative center of Batumi.

Majority of the terrain is occupied by mounts and deep valleys in the coastal zone of Kobuleti and Kahaberi Lowlands.

Name of region mentioned in the VII century, and should be linked to geographical names achi and sachano. It was divided into two main parts, the top and bottom Adjara and the central part named Shuakhevi.

Batumi – the core of the region is the city since 1878. Being one of the principle international ports in the south-east Black Seaboard, here is the final destination of Baku – Batumi railway track and the pipeline.

History confirms that this area was used by the man in the II millennium BC.

In early antiquity, the local population had extensive trade links with neighboring and distant countries. The ancient Greeks referred to this point as Batusi (Bathus) and was first mentioned by Aristotle. In subsequent periods Greek and Roman authors as Pliny the Elder, Arrian and others, used this name just as river. In the times of Roman Emperor Hadrian (II c.) herei were located the Roman military camps.

The natural beauty of Adjara really in harmony with the fascinating history of the region.

Batumi in recent years pass into the metropolis of summer tourism, attracting tourists from other regions and other states. Its elegant white architecture and sub-tropical vegetation make it unique among the towns of Georgia and a magnet for foreign tourists.

The town has its own distinctive charm, accentuated by a cycle of elegant buildings of the late nineteenth century, its own waterfront on the east and the main beach in the west. Behind him lies a magnificent park, called Batumi Boulevard.

Gonio located near Batumi, and is eminent for its fortress seventh-eighth century BC. The first record of it, with the name Apsarun, in first century, Greco-Roman period. Also heavily linked Argonauts and the Golden Fleece story, and with the famous German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was fascinated by the beauty of this area.

Nine km away from Batumi, near Cape Verde is located Botanical Garden.

This parkland is out-and-outer in the significance that here coexist species from completely different climatic and landscape zones. How amazing would not, in this magical garden thrive equally as Canary date palms, and the Japanese cherry. Here are thousands of species of plants of stunning beauty.