Travel to Kakheti – the land of wine

Region of Kakhetia is placed in the east of the country. Alasani and Iori rivers run across the area.

In the VIII century Kakheti was an autonomous seigniorial princedom. In the twelfth centenary King David the Builder successfully joined Kakheti to the unified reign of Georgia. And in 1460, the year after the wreckage of the reign, Kakheti passed into a self-contained realm.

In 1762, the region has teamed up with the adjacent kingdom of Kartli, with the result of that was created the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, which was quite weakened by frequent invasions of the Persians.

Kakheti has always been known as a leading area of viticulture, and that remains to this day. During the recent archaeological excavations have been found the grape granules, which date back to 7-6 millenniums BC.

The most impressive is the Tsinandali winery where wine production began in 1865. The cellar is disposed on the country seat, which before was property of Alexander Chavchavadze, a famous poet and public figure.

Kakheti is likewise celebrated for its temples and historical monuments, including the convent of David Gareja, which is set into the rock side.

The region has several national nature reserves, including the oldest national park of Lagodekhi.

Another important attraction is the Kakheti Sighnaghi. Most recently, there performed restoration of historic buildings, churches and monuments of culture, the city is almost born anew.

Not so far, just in a couple of kilometers is Bodbe Monastery, with a tomb of St. Nino who brought the Christianity to Georgia.

Alaverdi Cathedral is located 18 kilometers from the Telavi in the lowland of Alazani. Even the present minster was built in eleventh century, this place has a more ancient roots, as at the same site in early sixth century was monastery and pagan sanctuary dedicated to the Moon. Later king Kvirike erected the Cathedral, which replaced the small church of St. George.

Being the second highest spiritual edifice in Georgia, with a massive bell tower up to 50 meters, the cathedral dominates the landscape, and stands in a fecund valley bestead by mounts of the Caucasus. Its facade, monumental and solemn, characterized by niches and arches, and a high wall protect residential buildings, refectory, cellar and other common areas.

The cathedral is encircled by fields and vineyards that makes it clear that there is an active area of winemaking. Here comes a great and exceptional wine Hvanchkara and many other varieties of famous wines.

Probably about 1500 years, that the waves of Alazani irrigate the valley and vineyards, allowing the vine to grow juicy and rich and get the precious nectar to the local people.