Tour in Armenia, region of Ararat

Ararat, named after the mythological and holy mountain, is an Armenian province with the center in Artashat. It is bordered to the west with Turkey and Azerbaijan to the south and surrounds the exclave of Karki of Nakhichevan, which is from the times of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, controlled by Armenia.

In the area of the province are disposed two former historic capitals of the state, Artashat and Dvin, also famous and attractive for many tourists and pilgrims the Convent of Khor Virap, where during 13-year imprisonment stayed Gregory the Illuminator. This is also the nearest site to Mount Ararat through the Armenian border.

Ararat borders with four other provinces and Yerevan to the north.

In 1993 was founded, and then resumed in 1995 the mission of Canadian youth in Armenia, which was dynamic and active in the Ararat region, in the construction of community centers, repair of schools, founded the children’s day camp and promote assistance to families suffered by results of the war. It was a well-established youth movement.

The Ararat province includes 97 communities, four of which are considered as urban and 93 rural. Throughout the region, about 275 thousand inhabitants.

Located here cloister complex of Khor Virap is placed on the frontier with Turkey, at the foot of Mount Ararat, is the oldest sacred places of Armenia and directly associated with the history of St. Gregory the Illuminator, thanks to the efforts of which the king Trdat third in 301 adopted Christianity as a religion of the state. Here, a great saint as a punishment for his faith, was imprisoned in a deep yawner, where he spent 13 years of his life. After the deliverance and the adoption of Christianity by the country, St. Gregory became the first Catholicos of all Armenians.

The oldest church of the Monastery complex was constructed on the spot of the very pits that still exists today. From the monastery opens the magnificent view of the mysterious Mount Ararat.

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The administrative center of the region or the Marz as known for locally, it is the town of Artashat, which was founded in ancient times and in that period was a major place of Hellenistic civilization. It got its name from the historic Armenian capital Artashat, which was disposed in the heart of the Ararat Valley.

Today, modern Artashat appears as a beautiful industrial city, historical sites of which are mostly spread in the vicinity.

The climate is precipitously continental and is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Furthermore there are many attractions that make the region so attractive for tourism, for example, the monastery Agdots of XIII century, the fortress Kakavaberd IV – XII centuries and more.