About Signakhi

Signakhi – heart of Kiziki, beautiful part of Kakheti – hilly city, towering on Gombori ridge and as a proud guardian hanging over the valley Alazani.

Scientific studies have shown that the area of the modern municipality Signakhi about 30 million years ago was covered by the sea, in which stood out as an island line of Tsivgombori ridge. Nowadays relief was formed about a million years ago.
These areas are inhabited since immemorial times. Before centuries this territory was part of the Iberian kingdom.

The Greek geographer and historian Strabo mentioned area as Kambisene. Road from Iberia to Albania took place on uneven and anhydrous Kambisene. – He wrote. A Greek historian Dio Cassius also referred also about river Iori as Kambises.

In the eighteenth century Kiziki significantly strengthened and developed during the reign of Heraclius II. The king is very fond of this region and the local inhabitants. The first experience of fight he get here, in the age of 15, when bravely led army of kakhetians into battle against Leks and returned home with a great victory.

After the abolition of Kartli-Kakheti kingdom, since 1802, Signagi has become a regional center and had a great strategic importance because of its proximity to Belekan and Dagestan. That is why by the decision of the Russian governor of the Caucasus, here was placed 44th Novgorod Dragoon Regiment, with defensive purposes in the region.

Irakli II is attributed to the transformation of Sighnaghi to the city.
Signakhi is the part Kiziki, where every corner, place, house and even a stone has its own history. The town with its walls and towers like a knight in armor dominates the Alazani Valley.

Signakhi is located on the northern slope Tsivgombi ridge, at an altitude of 750 meters and covers an area of about 296 hectares.

Enceinte of the city is one of the historical monuments, not only in the region but also throughout the Georgia.
Walls of Sighnaghi occupy space identical to the Kremlin wall in Moscow, namely an area of 40 hectares and a total length of 4 kilometers. Originally there were 23 towers and 6 gates and all had their names accordingly names of villages.

During the invasions the entire population from villages saved, hiding here. Two – tier walls were with thickness of the lower tier of 1.5 meters, and the top – 70-80 cm. The difference in the width of the two them created inside the path, enough to move for soldiers during the battles. To lift up to the trail on each side of towers and a few other places were built the stone stairs.
Signagi fortress built mainly of gravel and small amount of bricks.
In the second half of the XIX century there entrenched the urban life style, with its characteristic type of salon events, where attended the intellectual elite.

Today it is one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia, which is predefined by the attractiveness of its architecture created over the centuries, as well as natural resources.

Signakhi often called the museum city. It offers breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.
In 2007, in the city were held global restoration work, opened museums and world-class hotels.