A trip to the region Sheki-Zagatala, travel to Azerbaijan

One of the richest regions of Azerbaijan’s is considered the Sheki-Zagatala and covering the territory of Balakan, Gakh, Gabala, Oguz, Sheka, Zagatala and is disposed on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus. The area occupied by the region equal to 8960 square km, accounting 10.3% of the total territory of the country. The variety of terrain and temperate of climate conditions caused by hills and highlands.

The vast majority of the population live in the foothills, the total number of which is 531,900 people and 6.5% of the whole population.

The area is very rich in minerals and it should be noted that 99% pyrite of country and 90% of zinc found in the ground of this region.

Incredibly beautiful nature of Sheki-Zagatala region contributes to its development as a major resort area of ​​Azerbaijan. Interesting tourist resort centers are actively functioning in Gabala, Sheki, Zagatala. Routes of international travel following to Georgia, go through these areas.

There is a well-developed social infrastructure, providing the secondary and professional schools, branches of higher educational institutions, cultural centers, museums and theaters.

This region is also very rich in architectural monuments, you can see the ancient towers of the mosque, tombs and caravanserais. All this is also interesting factor for international tourists.

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The special detail the nature of the local people is a very subtle sense of humor So, for example, Sheki called the land of anecdotes.

The diversity of flora and fauna of Sheki – Zagatala region is due to the wealth of natural areas, including many rivers and waterfalls. Here abundantly grow walnuts, chestnuts, apples, raspberries, strawberries and many species of herbs.

Shaki- Zagatala region is famous for its colorful cuisine and incomparable sweets.
Meals are offered for guests prepared according to the season, that is one of those products that are naturally produced in a given season.
Each regional center has its own special dishes. Here people used to harvest the meat for storage of a special method.

Traditional professions are carpet weaving, wood and metal carving, silk production, jewelry making and pottery. A silk scarves woven in Sheki are popular not only in the East but also in Europe.

Ancient traditions are well preserved here to this day, especially so revered ritual ceremonies of weddings, with all details well-known stories of the old-timers. Because of presence of different ethnic minorities here, respectively, traditions differ slightly in detail. Very interesting event can be for tourists the visiting of the local wedding celebration.