Gazakh city, a trip to the Caucasus

Kazakh, or also known as Gazakh is the center of the same named district of Azerbaijan, with a populace of about 35 thousand people.

It is well-known that in the 18th century, here was the capital of the sultanate of Gazakh and in the times of the Russian Empire became the administrative center of Gazakh district of Yelizavetpol province, which was placed 10 km from the station of Agstafa – Transcaucasian railway. Most of the locals descendants from Oguz Gazakh and tribes considered Turkic.

The clime is moderate, dominated by warm and dry.

The entire region is crossed by rivers Kura, Agstafachay and other smaller tributaries. From the foot of the mountain range begins the plain covered with alpine meadows. Along the river are coastal forests, inhabited by deer, wild boars, foxes, hares and wolves, and among the birds can be seen a partridge and a variety of migratory birds.

Here, in the vicinity is the National Reserve, which is considered a true natural monument and includes mountain Geyazan with ruins of antique walls and towers of the fortress. This medieval citadel built on the slopes of Mount, just 15 km away from the town of Kazakh refers to the 17th centenary and to the present day survived only the remains of walls and the ruins of some settlements located inside the fortress. For the first time about the fortress was mentioned in written sources in 1060, the year in which described the campaign of the Georgian King Bagrat IV in Tbilisi, which was then in the possession of Ganja Emir Patluna. The Emir was captured by Georgian troops and released only after the return to Georgia Tbilisi, Gag and Kovzin.

And in 1123 the Georgian king David the Builder conquered the Gavazan and other fortress from the Seljuks.

From historical sources it is also known that in the eighth century, Muhammad ibn Marwan ordered to establish a village here called Casal, that in later Arab sources described as a big city.

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This land is the home of Ali Agha Shikhlinski, the celebrated general who participated in the siege of Port Arthur.

This area is also famous by Azerbaijani singers of Ashig that is a collection of poetry and art of storytelling, along with dance and vocal instrumental music. Ashyg anciently called El anası, which means – the mother of the people, as the broadcast voice and aspirations of the people, defending the freedom and chanting love and devotion to the homeland.

Gazakh is also prominent for its carpet weaving and other masters of ancient traditional crafts. Here in the villages one can still observe traditional rituals and ceremonies on the occasion of different spring holiday as Novruz Bairam. Guests can watch as in the past, celebrated the spring equinox.

The area has also a breeding center of horses for the famous race of horses of Deliboz.