Racha is placed in the Rioni lowland and its inflows are surrounded by high mountains on all four sides.

Entries by Vakhushti Batonishvili let us know why this place was named so. One of the hunters, who first settled here, struck overlooking narrow and deep valleys of the Rioni, exclaimed – Just as well! What in Georgian sounds – Ra Chaa! After that the region called Racha.

At first it was a unified Takvery principality, which was part of the kingdom of Egrisi. In the tenth century was created Racha principality, which in XIII century made part of Imereti Kingdom.

Disposed on area of approximately 5 thousand km2, the region is inhabited by 51,000 people. The administrative center is Ambrolauri.

Three of the most beautiful places – Racha, Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti are located in the north-west of the country. This region also includes Oni, Tsageri and Lentekhi.

Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti border with Russia, and with region of Mestia. Identity and uniqueness of the region emphasized not only by its whereabouts, but likewise by estimable and diversified flora and fauna.

During travel to Racha delight of visitors caused by gray and snowy mountain peaks of the Caucasus ranges, rushing rivers and waterfalls, forests and grafting animals, natural caves, breathtaking mountain passes, alpine meadows, pastures, beautiful trails, Shaori and Ladzhanskoe reservoirs and other innumerable charms.

Unique effect has familiarity with the local ethnic population and chat with them. Very rich in their history, life, culture, folklore, which while traveling written by the ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, Turkish and European researchers.

Widely known local mineral springs and spas as Shovi, Utsera, Lashichala, Kveshvake, Soruani, Bugeuli, Khibikati, this produces 25 kinds of treating – mineral water with corresponding names. By landscape features exclusive scenery differs resorts as Hibikati, Tsesigora, Urawa, lake Oued and others.

There are many graceful and aut-and-outer historical and architectural – ethnographic monuments, among them prominent are Nikortsminda, Barakoni, Honchiori, Mravaldzali, Lyle, age-old synagogue of Oni etc.

Well-known fact is that history and cultural past of Georgia is closely intertwined with vines and winemaking. And in Racha it is felt most clearly, since it is here that grow the unique grape varieties used to make the famous wines as Hvanchkara, Aleksandrouli, Ojaleshi.

In total, in Georgia presented 600 species of grapes, of which 300 are grown in this region.