The visit to Yerevan, the journey from the largest tour operator in the Caucasus

In the early morning, when the first rays of the sun begin to envelop the profiles of buildings, and the fresh air slowly starts heating, numb the streets are filled with life, so presented the real picture of the awakening of the Armenian capital.

In addition to countless interesting things that can be told, speaking about Armenia, there are three features that can be identified, describing this ancient city: multifaceted, fascinating and surprising.

Versatility of Yerevan is felt everywhere. So, the core of the city, with its magnificent building of the theater and the opera or the Republic Square, let you feel like in a European capital, and just in a few blocks away, you can get into the atmosphere, where dominated by traditional and distinctive national style, where you can feel the originality of the Caucasus, where at the local markets you can purchase almost everything from clothes to tools, see the colorful stalls full of fresh fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, spices and freshly baked bread.

Here in the center can also be seen as different from today’s rich avenues the many buildings of the Soviet era, abandoned or dilapidated today, but constitute an inalienable part of the not too distant past.

In Yerevan, it seems that exists own dimension of time. So, for example, if an Armenian with his Caucasian deliberation will tell you – in two minutes, it will likely mean a half-hour.

Yerevan captivates with its charm. Everything, starting from the Armenian alphabet, which you see everywhere in the inscriptions, which consists of 36 letters, captivates you. A huge historical and architectural heritage, indescribable in words temples and monasteries, where you can deeply feel contact with the history, simply impress everyone.

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However, we should note one more attractive feature of this city, which enshrouds you with warmth and hospitality of its people, where there is no person who would not meet you with a good-natured smile.

Yerevan, with bated breath, waiting to be discovered by visitors and tourists from Europe and all other countries. And this expectation is not in vain, but in fact, more and more there is a growing tourist interest in the last decade. Journey to the Caucasus, many start from here.

The historic center is available throughout the day and it provides to visitors gaze the numerous monuments, museums, parks and botanical gardens.

There are the remains of the fortress of Erebuni, the monument of genocide, the Museum of History of Armenia and Matenadaran with archives of priceless collections of manuscripts.

Not far from Yerevan, you can visit places such as Echmiadzin – the residence of the Patriarch of the Armenian Church, Gurnee – Hellenistic temple, the monastery of Khor Virap, Geghard and more.