About Batumi

Batumi is a lovely city of Georgia represented as a main cultural, and administrative core of Adjara, disposed on the Black Sea littoral.

The first historical notes about the city condescend to the days of Aristotle, Pliny, and Arianne, and confirm that the Batumi port was known as in ancient times. Its appellation has a Greek derivation.

This is an industrial and commercial center of the antic, which today offers a variety of entertainment. Also it is an ideal place for nautical tourism with its deep waterfront and the center of European style.

There is a Gonio fortress of the first century, attractive botanical garden and the famous park of the city. In this exciting place are growing the beautiful palm trees, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, lemon and orange trees that saturate the air stunning flavors.

Supplementing to all this the original Georgian cordiality and hospitality, delightful Georgian cuisine, wines produced in local barns and richness of traditions, one can find out why Batumi has always been a popular place of destination for cruise vessels.

Now that Georgia’s tourism sector is booming, the pearl is still shines!

Batumi port can accommodate ships of any dimensions, whereas well-qualified guides of Concord Travel will help visitors learn about the history, culture and loveliness of the region.

Adjara is located in the south-western part of Georgia, on the coast, and undoubtedly beautiful parts of nation.

Shimmering iridescent colors of the sea are against the shoreline with palm trees and hilly forest in the background.

The natural beauty of the region is really in harmony with the fascinating history of Batumi.

Gonio Fortress in distant antiquity was a significant military post in the Roman-Byzantine style. It is more closely associated with the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece.

Batumi Botanical Garden offers a great walk among the more than 5,000 species of flowering plants brought here from all over the world.

There is a new entertainment center on Mount Anuria, located on the outskirts of the city. Connection to the center is by using an 8-seat passenger lift. The new cable car elevates at an altitude of 250 m above the center.

As a link between old and new, this new cableway fit well into a successful symbiosis of modern architecture and traditions: the station building constructed of glass and steel, while the station on the mountain seems to be inflated sails Argo, the legendary ship of 50 Greek heroes who 3000 years ago, came here in search of the Golden Fleece.

In Batumi there is also an international airport, which facilitates the idea of traveling to the magnificent city.