Travel to Armenia, region of Armavir

One of the provinces of Armenia is Armavir with its center of the same name, disposed on the west of the country, spread in the Ararat lowland, amidst of the mountains of Ararat and Aragats. It has a approximately 70 kilometers of border with Turkey, and separated from it by the river Araks. The province is primarily famous and attractive for tourism because of the location here the Holy Echmiadzin – the core of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Here is also located the historic town of Sardarapat, where in 1918 there was a crucial battle with the Turks, the victory in which almost prevented the complete extermination of the Armenians.

The territory of Armavir counts an area of tentatively 1242 km2, which is about 4% of the total Armenian area and consequently is the smallest province of the land in terms of its scale.

The province is rich in mainly agricultural land. Metsamor is the only river taking its origins in Armavir.

Armavir is divided into 97 communities, of which three are considered as urban and 94 rural. Thus, the urban populace is about 35% of the total quantity of inhabitants.

Located in the area Echmiadzin is the significant spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Primarily the town had different names like Artemis – in honor of the famous goddess, Vardgesavan, Vagharshapat. Once here was erected the majestic cathedral of Echmiadzin became its permanent name.

This Cathedral is the oldest Christian sanctuary in Armenia. The word of Echmiadzin has a value – here came the only born Son, which is refers to the mythology about Gregory the Illuminator, when the Christ shown up to him and with a golden hammer marked the place where it should be erected the first Christian sanctuary of Armenia.

Originally the Cathedral was of the basilica structure. In the 5th century it was refurbished in the shape of a cross, and this style is maintained throughout the centuries, in spite of more than one restoration. In the eighteenth century, the inward of the cathedral was enriched with frescoes.

In Echmiadzin can also visit three other well-known temples, dedicated to virgins, who were martyred for the Christian faith. This churches are of Hripsime, Gayane and Shoghakat.

Not far from there is also the cathedral of Zvartnots that means the angle of the angels. Being built in seventh century and it was a sample of the most majestic architecture of the early Middle Ages. Unfortunately, it was almost entirely demolished by the terrible earthquake. And only at the end of the 20th centenary, thanks to the excavations of academician Toros Toramanyan its ruins were discovered and reconstructed. Due to its restoration Zvartnots had a cylindrical shape, in three floors, about 45 meters in height. Five inputs, built of tufa of different shades and richly decorated with various ornaments.