A trip to Vanadzor, tour to Armenia

Being the third largest city and the center of the Armenian Lori region, Vanadzor located 128 kilometers from Yerevan. In the old days the town was known as Karakilisa, and during the Sovietization of Armenia, was renamed to Kirovakan in honor of Bolshevik leader Sergei Kirov. The current name of the city has received since counties independence.
Vanadzor is located in a beautiful place and has a very attractive center. During the Soviet era factories of the chemical industry occupied a large part of the valley near the town.

Based on archaeological excavations and discovered remains were found, that the territory of Vanadzor had been inhabited since the Bronze Age. During the ancient Armenian reigns the region was a part of Tashir. In different historical stages here ruled dynasties of Arshakids and Bagratids.

In 1801, along with Georgia, Lori region became part of the Russian Empire and was a strategically important location for the Empire as a defensive forces on the border with Persia.
In 1826, the village was completely destroyed during the invasion of Hassan Khan, and two years later founded a new one by Russians, that was used as a center to accommodate its troops during the Russian-Turkish war.

The city experienced a significant rise since the opening of the railway in the direction of Tbilisi in 1899.

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After a short period of two years of independence, Armenia came under Soviet power and the first development plan of new town was created on the initiative of architects Alabyan, Mazmanian and Gevorg Kochar and was approved in the 1929-1930 years. Under the new plan, the territory of the city was expanded to the east and west sides.
Like other cities nearby, also Vanadzor experienced significant losses from the 1988 earthquake. But, unlike other places closer to the epicenter, most of the major buildings in Vanadzor remained intact.

Located at an average altitude of 1350 meters above sea level and occupying a valley, Vanadzor is surrounded by 2500 meter high mountain ranges. Here, an abundance of dense forests.

As already noted, in Vanadzor in the 1940s began the boom of chemical industry and have been built large plants, which played an important role in the regional economy.

Already in the current historical phase, namely in 1996, it opened a new plant for the production of precious stones, machinery and tools.
Some businesses in the city produce a variety of construction materials, including basalt and tuff.

The picturesque natural landscape of Vanadzor, its mild climate and mineral springs, has always contributed to the formation of the area as a desirable vacation spot. To date, there are the modern hotels and related infrastructure for the convenience and comfort of travelers.