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Located in the province of Kotayk and being its administrative center, Hrazdan is 45 kilometers distant from Yerevan. In conformity with the population of about 53 000 people, it is the fifth by its dimensions city in Armenia. However, it should be adverted that since the late eighties the number of population decreased by several thousand.


Hrazdan is amongst the cities created and received its greatest development during the Soviet era. Initially it was a village called Akhta, which in 1959 by the merger of several villages received the status of a small town, and given the name of Hrazdan. The populace of the anew formed city was formed from the inhabitants of the regions Sassoon, Mush and Kars, as well as Armenian diasporas.

In those days, the population reached 61 thousand and development plans expected to increase it to 120,000 inhabitants.

With getting independence by country and the formation of new provinces in 1995, it turned to the center of Kotayk region.

City line extends to the east, covering Gegham mountains, up to the top of the mountain Gutanasar.

Hrazdan, as in the Soviet era and till this days is the most industrialized city in Armenia. There are several different industries, as well as here operates hydroelectric and the largest power plants in the Caucasus.

Well developed also the sphere of the production of carpets, electrical equipment, dairy products, livestock and more.

Today the city is parted into three parts: the northern part, which includes the area of Jrarat, central neighborhoods with Atarbekyan, Kentron and Makravan and the southern part, including Hrazdan Reservoir.

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In Hrazdan have University of Arts, 13 kindergartens, primary schools, a variety of music and sports academies, in short, all that is necessary for the full development of the younger generation.

There is no shortage in the cultural field, which is represented by the Drama Theatre, founded in 1953, a National Gallery and the Geological Museum.

The Historical Museum, which you can visit during your tour, comprises more than 4,000 relics and estimable objects.

In addition, there are many interesting religious monuments, the favorite places of tourists and pilgrims. Among them is the church Aghbyurak relating to the 10th century, the monastery of St. Stephanos, the monastery complex Makravank and other.

There are relatively young Christian temples built in different periods of the 19th century, the church of Karapet Jrarat or Mariam Astvatsatsin.

There is also a local television company, which is privately owned, also publishes the local newspaper and has radio Razdan.