Visit of Goris in tour to Armenia

Goris is disposed in the broad picturesque valley at an elevation of 1400 meters, and is parted by Varakan river to the eastern and western parts. With a populace of 25,000 inhabitants, it became a town in 1885.

This is an ancient land that has been habitable since the Neolithic era. As many of sources confirm in Goris and the neighboring areas the number caves is about thousand. Existing rock formations here – the result of natural phenomena, known as the burghers, or pyramid, create a special charm of Goris.

There were found ancient settlements and various discoveries of ceramic objects dating from the Bronze and copper periods. In the excavations were also found various tools of basalt.

Once being a village in the region of Syunik, the old town is placed on the left bank of Goris and occupies a valley at the foot of mount Coot.

There is no misdoubt that in the Middle Ages, Goris was an important point at the intersection with Zanghesur in Nakhichevan and the Caspian Sea region, on the path along which transported salt.

Special development and flourishing of the region received in 17th -18th centuries, and by the 19th centenary it became the center of the Zanghesur province. Due to its location in the narrow valley of the old town it could not grow as required, and therefore in 1870, was founded by New Goris on the other part of the river.

The city and surrounding areas have a very special views thanks to the rocks, the peaks of the pyramids, deep gorges and caves. Beautiful valleys crossed by rivers such as the Vorotan and others. The highest peak in the region is an extinct volcano Ishkhanassar Mez with altitude 3550 m, where at the level of 2700 m. you can discover the Lake Sev Lich of breathtaking beauty or in translation, the Black Lake. Here it is and State Reserve. Formation of the lake was the result of the merger of snowmelt and natural sources filled the extinct volcano crater. The zone around the lake is covered with a typical sub-alpine vegetation and has 102 plant species.

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Goris is also a spa town, offering travelers an unforgettable holiday and entertaining excursions to interesting places of the past. This graceful and beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful gardens, attracts numerous visitors each year. Walk through the tranquil boulevards, beautiful architecture of the nineteenth century and the old houses, interspersed with close spaced caves, give a special touch to your trip.

Also for lovers of art and history, have the possibility to visit the museums located here.

The famous monastery of Tatev of XI – XII centuries is 20 kilometers distant from Goris, in the gorge of the river Vorotan.

Nearby you can see the bridge of Hell, built on the most gorge.