Travel to Azerbaijan, a country of endless surprises

Despite the available information and considerable fame still few people chose Azerbaijan as the destination of his journey. But this relatively small state in the Caucasus has a lot to offer.

A trip to Azerbaijan will surely leave unforgettable memories!

Let us list a few reasons that can arouse curiosity and give you an idea to choose Azerbaijan for your trip.

Azerbaijan occupies an acreage of 87,000 km3 with a populace of 8,120,000 people who speak the Azerbaijani and the majority of Muslims.

Oil-rich country is in Asia, southern of the mountain watershed that separates it from Europe, and edged by the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan is a commonwealth with a developing democracy. It is the largest nation in given region, both in dimensions and in terms of population.

Baku is the lively capital of the country. With magnificent antique center – UNESCO heritage – the city, is a child of the first oil boom, full of amazing modern buildings super modern areas and has an active cultural life worthy of the greatest cities in the world. Here you can start your exciting journey to Azerbaijan.

The territory of petro glyphs, including more than 6,000 carved stones, several of which dating back nearly 40 thousand years, contains the remains of cave dwelling and burial sites, proof of use of the territory from the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages.

In the engravings depict people, animals, battle scenes, ritual dances, camel caravans, boats and even the sun and stars.

Mud volcanoes, eruptions phenomenon has a peculiar importance in Azerbaijan, since there is approximately moiety of the volcanic vent, known all over the surface of the Earth. It is supposed that natural appearance has its origin associated with the worship of the sun and causes approximately every twenty years of spectacular eruptions with flames rising from the ground.

Sludge has medicinal properties, which attract many wanting to experience its healing effects.

Curious and almost unknown is history of the Mountainous Jews in Krasnaya Sloboda. This Jewish Diaspora dates back to the early Middle Ages, when Jewish communities were scattered partly in Europe and parts in Anatolia, took refuge in the mountains, and created towns or traditional villages, where still remained Yiddish.

And many other amazing things promise the journey to Azerbaijan!