Travel to Armenia

Armenia is the country of screaming stones as defined by the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam.

Territory of Armenia

Armenia hasn’t access to the water and predominantly mountainous country. It is full of extinct volcanoes and prone to strong tectonic activity, making it an area of high seismic risk. As it happened in December 1988 when the tragic earthquake devastated Gyumri, the second town by its dimensions, killing more than 25 thousand people.

Armenia has a good supply of fresh water, because of the rivers and lakes.

Lake Sevan is a famous resort in the country, at an altitude of about 1900 m.

From Sevan starts Razdan passes through the capital and flows into the Aras, on the border with Turkey, being the longest river of nation – 158 km.

The highest mountain is Aragats – 4095 m, one of the symbols of Armenia, where Noah’s Ark stopped to have a rest.

The clime

The territory is characterized by a varied climate. But is predominant continental, with warm summers and chilly winters.

Rainfall varies by region, along the banks of the Araks River, the most arid segment of nation are usually smaller, and for the more mountainous places characterized by an abundance of rainfall.

The capital Yerevan has a very pleasant and bland climate most of the year. In mid-summer temperatures can reach even 45 ° C, and in winter to -10 ° C, with a heavy snowfall.

But, above all, a trip to Armenia – a familiarity with the hospitable people, proud of their land and its traditions, which since ancient times brought their cultural heritage through the priceless manuscripts in the Matenadaran in Yerevan, the unique on planet.

Armenia is an open-air museum, with over 4,000 monuments and places of worship scattered throughout the country, the treasure chest decorated with wonderful colors of nature.

Impressive and enveloping nature, softened by the sun that shines in Armenia for nearly eight months of the year, the ideal place to enjoy hiking, biking, rafting, skiing and mountain climbing along the slopes of volcanic origin.

Slopes covered with endless plantations of apricots grown here over 3000 years. National fruit, sweet and delicious, with a strong and indivisible core is a metaphor of his people.

A trip to Armenia is like a journey into history. The terra of Ararat, where revived the story of mankind after the great flood.

Christianity, monasteries and monuments of Armenia will not leave anyone indifferent!