Tours to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan tourism on its way of development and is just gaining momentum. Interesting elements that the country has to offer are a lot and the visit is pleasant thanks to the hospitality of people, which are very open and friendly to foreigners. The best memories, remaining for a long time in the memory of tourists are associated with beautiful mountain scenery of the Caucasus, with its remote villages inhabited by ethnic minorities and the extraordinary beauty of the capital.

The opportunity to spend the night in the house of the locals, suggested in some of the tour is the best way to get acquainted with the peculiarities of ethnic and national traditions.

One of the entertaining tours in Azerbaijan starts from Baku, interesting city, one of the three Caucasian capitals, with the irresistible charm of the old center.

The devastating effects of the wild industrialization during the Soviet era are still being felt, but the more remote areas, fortunately, were not affected and preserved its charm.

The Old Town is surrounded by walls, and proclaimed part of the World Heritage Site. The first thing that tourists see, starting a tour is a famous monument of the Maiden Tower. According to legend, a young woman, to avoid reproaches of her father asked him to build a tower, from which would be admired his possession; after the request to raise the height of several times, eventually jumped from the top.

The structure is massive, with a curious support towards the sea. The interior consists of eight floors, each of which has one room, connected by a staircase carved in the wall. Spiral staircase leading to the second floor is a modern addition, because originally there was only a retractable ladder. The terrace overlooks the old town.
Everywhere appear the minarets of mosques and caravanserais yards, but the hills all around, almost continuous band of high-rise buildings block the view. Even higher stands the TV tower.

The most beautiful view is opening slightly lower, with the domes of mosques and bazaar Meydan, which means the market square.
On the opposite side opens the Caspian Sea, surrounded by the Baku bay, while cars swish along the promenade.
On the side of the tower Zeinalli Kucasi, you can see a lot of sellers of carpets; shops located in the ancient caravanserais.
Strolling through the narrow streets, you can reach the other artistic part of the city, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, dynasty, which ruled in Baku in the Middle Ages. Moving along the walls that surround the complex, gain access to the court, where stands the palace of Sultan, and then to the left is the second courtyard, with the Divan Xana in the centre, charming octagonal pavilion wherein the court met.

A steep staircase leads to a dark room with the tomb of Sayyid Yahya Bakuvi, the court astronomer.
The tour ends, down to the lowest level to the mausoleum of the Shirvan Shahs, with the court mosque and the ruins of a huge Turkish bath, with decorations and heated floors.

Ganja is the second-largest city in the country. The central part of Azerbaijan is flat and desolate landscape.

Sheki is a city with a bustling central square with a fountains, where in the old men sitting in the teahouse and play backgammon, very popular in Azerbaijan. Nearby lively Taza Bazar.

On the shelves of butchers there are sheep heads stacked one above the other, and the meat hung on hooks. The shelves of vegetables and fruits look like the kingdom of color, thanks to colorful attire of women. There must try halva, traditional local sweets, the aroma is reminiscent of baklava, but it tastes even sweeter and sugary.

Thus, due to the diversity and identity of Azerbaijani cuisine are also very popular and interesting the gastronomic tours.
In addition to brief information about tours in Azerbaijan there are an abundance of new and unknown waiting for you.