Tours in Armenia

Of all the trips to the East, traveling to Armenia and its capital Yerevan is something very special and unforgettable.

Through our site you’ll find a variety of tours in Armenia, all the necessary information for tourists, information about the main places to visit.
This small country in the Caucasus, on the border between East and West, is a treasure that has no analogues.
Here, in addition to the treasures of beauty, art, culture and nature, you can relax and have fun.

Imagine a city that offers all the entertainment of the world’s megacities, but in a relaxed and easy atmosphere. This is Yerevan! Imagine thousands of years ancient monuments and antique relics of Christianity, fantastic natural scenery, mountains, forests and waterfalls … It’s Armenia!

Since ancient times, Armenians have learned to develop their artistic traditions, which are reflected in the culture and unique landscape. The aspects of daily life are expressed in more artistic techniques, as embroidery, decoration, in carving and design.

Armenia is often called an open air museum. Here you can see more than 4,000 historical monuments scattered across Armenia – ancient caves, temples, churches, monasteries and thousands of original crosses carved in stone dating back to different historical periods of the country, from prehistoric times to the Hellenistic, and from Christian era to the Middle Ages .

Armenia, one of the cradles of civilization, offers to tourists a pleasant and original tours of the incredible variety of places and amazing sceneries.

Here you can feel the friendly courtesy of residents, boundless generosity and hospitality of the people, accustomed for centuries to survive, despite all the difficulties throughout their history that had to endure.
In the small Armenian, only thirty thousand square kilometers there are a bit of everything: wild high mountains, a huge lake with nice beaches, mysterious plains where stones are arranged according to the mystical exact calculation, which allowed the first inhabitants of the plateau to study the stars and constellations.

And then the incredible unique architecture of the churches, hidden in the ravines and wooded heights, showing the age-old skills and original architectural solutions of artisans and Armenian architects capable in the fifth and sixth centuries AD invent perfectly functioning seismic design.

These churches, which indicates the deep religiosity of the Armenians, stood surrounded by other buildings: the halls and meeting, places for communities, scriptorium of wise monks, hostels for travelers, training centers and prayers.
A trip for lovers of history who want to discover the less-known world, monastery complexes and symbolic churches, an abundance of natural beauty and the mirror-blue Lake Sevan.

Tour programs are designed and implemented in such a way as to optimize the time and, above all, by providing Armenia and its culture not as fragment, but in a single entity. For those wishing to experience the uniqueness of the local everyday life is taken into account the possibility to get to the sights by public transport or short walks without too much physical effort, but for which it is recommended to use a comfortable shoes.

Routes based on the best possible services, and the high level of service in hotels. Trips passes the places that have experienced historical events sometimes even painful. Armenia is a small country, that tries hard to approve its own way, supported by a large and deep connection with the past, it is a land of the long and turbulent history.