Absheron region in the travel to Azerbaijan

This region of Azerbaijan includes Absheron, Khizi, Baku and Sumgait, and a total area of 5.9 thousand square. km while covering 7% of the country. Relief is mostly hilly, and consists of foothill plains and low mounts. The typical climate is dry subtropical.

Absheron peninsula is rich balneological resorts, there are many mud volcanoes, mineral springs and salt lakes, having a great therapeutic value.

Absheron region has a developed infrastructure, where are the most important transport lines in Azerbaijan. And its location near the coast of the Caspian Sea enlarges the possibility to expand transport links.

In general, at first glance, it seems that the Absheron peninsula is a barren region, where the land was subjected to more than a century indiscriminate exploitation of groundwater resources. However, after the closer recognition, you can see that this place is full of history and traditions.

The most famous here is the mountain of fire and the fire-temple, an incredibly interesting place combining natural gifts interweaving with the different cultures, alternated here over the centuries. Among other things, you can see the ancient watchtowers picturesquely placed in the bosom of the wild nature, and many oil fields.

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Here one can detect the evidence of culture and tradition, to this days considered sacred and representing part of the local superstitions.

The most significant place of pilgrimage of the peninsula is to the sanctuary of Mir Movsum Agha, in the small village of Shuvalan. In this village near the northern coast of the peninsula is the tomb of Sayyid Ali Agha, who during his life had suffered of bone disease, and during his life was confined to a wheelchair, but he had the ability to heal people by touching hand. The fame of his gift, more gatherings in the myths and legends spread so much that many have argued that he was a direct descendant of Mohammed. Today to his grave many pilgrims come with faith and hope in his miraculous power.

Interesting from a religious point of view is also a small village of Buzovna, disposed in the northern part of the peninsula. Believers come here to worship to fingerprint of Imam Ali, the fourth caliph of Islam, the former and at the same time, a cousin of Mohammed.

Footprint of Ali is not the only interesting place of Buzovna, and about twenty minutes away, is a place called Tarsane, with virtually destroyed remnants of the medieval domes, which served as a temples or mausoleums.

In addition of narrated are many more attractive things can be seen in the region and do not miss the chance of perfect holiday on the local health resorts.