Regions of Georgia

The state, which became independent in April 1991, stepped on the difficult path of state building, the interior of the territorial immunity and suzerainty.

It is mostly mountainous lands with the chains of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus. In the middle there are plains and hilly areas, especially lengthwise of sea shore and toward the frontier with Azerbaijan.

Nation has three hundred kilometers of coastline on the Black Sea.

Aquatic flux are divided between Black Sea basin and those that flow to the Caspian to the east. The longest and important river is Mtkvari with a utter longitude of 1515 km, following from Turkey and goes to Azerbaijan, with its tributaries Alazani and Iori. And the main river of the western part is Rioni – 327 km-

On the territory there are several lakes and the largest of them Pravani, has a space of 37.5 km2; disposed in southern Georgia in the Lesser Caucasus.

Despite the moderate size of the country, exist two different climate – subtropical and Mediterranean, with heavy rainfall throughout the season. While continental, eastern, drier and rainfall is much lower.

Terrain is parted in 9 administrative regions and two autonomous republics – Abkhazia and Adjara, which were formed within the Soviet era, and later confirmed by the Constitution of Georgia. The population is almost evenly divided between urban-54% and rural – 46%.

The fourth part of the populace inhabits in the capital Tbilisi, that is 1,175,000 people. So it’s the most populous city, but also the important cities, as Kutaisi inhabit about 200 thousand people, Batumi -160,000 and Rustavi -123,000.

Here are the names of all the territorial divisions of the country:

  • Abkhazia
  • Adjara
  • Guria
  • Imereti
  • Kakheti
  • Kvemo Kartli
  • Mtskheta-Mtianeti
  • Racha and Lower Svaneti
  • Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
  • Samtskhe-Javakheti
  • Shida Kartli

Mtskheta-Mtianeti a region in eastern Georgia, with the executive center of Mtskheta, including the city, the neighborhood and the surrounding mountain areas. There are many stunning architectonic sites of antique period.

Hence, through the pass Djvari on the main chain of the Caucasus, the road leads to the village of Kazbegi, with the highest Mont of 5047 m.

Kakheti is located in eastern part and considered the native land of wine since ancient times, being the principal place of viniculture in the country.

Imereti known for its unique location. Extends from the humid subtropical and to 2,850 m, with alpine meadows, numerous ski resorts and many mineral springs.

More information separately for each region can be found later in our section of the regions of Georgia.